It’s very important to me that my family and friends be able to visit me while I’m at your facility. Can you tell me exactly where you’re located?

Sure. Our cozy facility is located at 61 Old Amherst Rd, Sunderland, MA 01375 in Sunderland, just off of I-91, bordering the towns of Deerfield, Montague, Leverett, Amherst, Hadley, Hatfield, and Whately.

There are a few nursing homes in my area. Why should I choose yours over another one?

We understand that choosing the right nursing home can be a full-time job! Not to mention that there’s often a time crunch in the picture which makes for a lot of stress. That’s why we invite you to take a no-obligation tour of our facility so you can see, firsthand, the New England difference. It’s about customer service, about devoted, respectful care, and about a vibrant, patient-centric atmosphere. Our facility is small, with just 46 beds, and our our RN-to-patient ratio is higher than the national average, allowing us ample time to get to know and care for each of our residents individually.

Come have a look and tell us what you think! Feedback is always welcome here at New England Health Center. We’ll be happy to send a complimentary car service to pick you up and drop you off for your personalized tour. Just give us a call at 413.665.2740 and we’ll take care of the rest.

I’m not real familiar with your facility. How can I know that I’ll enjoy it when I’m there?

Don’t take our word for it; see for yourself what our residents are saying! Most of our referrals come from satisfied former patients who happily recommend us to their friends and family members. At New England, we’re all about fun and friendship. From our restaurant outings, shopping trips, ice-cream drives, and outings to Yankee Candle Village, we live life large at New England Health Center. If you’re looking for a real home away from home, you’ll find it right here. With personal attention and a staff that truly goes above and beyond, our facility really stands out.

Can you tell me what the food is like?

 We’re all about service here, so our chef aims to please every palate and goes the extra mile to satisfy our residents’ cravings. We provide a wide variety of foods on the menu and we’re always open to hearing feedback from our residents on what they’d like to see served. If you’re dreaming about a childhood favorite or a special ethnic dish, you’re welcome to speak with our Food Service staff and they will do their best to accommodate. In fact, we take personal orders daily, with some of our most popular requests being kielbasa, spaghetti and meatballs, and ethnic Polish foods to accommodate our sizable Polish population.

Do you offer private rooms?

Our facility is small and intimate and it has been designed with comfort and convenience in mind. All of our rooms are shared.

What can you tell me about your facility’s readmission rates?

Most of our patients are long-term residents who come from the community, and thus, our readmission rates are virtually zero. What we can definitely tell you is that our residents are happy and enjoying a wonderful quality of life in the best possible health.

How does Admissions and Discharge work in your facility?

We know that the last thing you’re looking for is more mounds of paperwork and delays. We’ve created a seamless admissions process where you can be settled in in no time at all. Same goes for discharge-we take care of it all. If you’re coming from the hospital for either short-term rehab or long-term care, we receive a referral from the case manager and offer you a bed if we can meet your needs and have availability. We aim to process your referral very quickly and we generally admit you the same day we receive your referral. Your friends or family members are welcome to come for a tour and meet with our staff before your accept our offer for admission.

If you are interested in long-term care and are admitting from the community, you are welcome to contact us at any time and speak to the admissions director or give us a call at 413.665.2740.

How does housekeeping work in your facility? How’s your laundry service?

Cleanliness is a priority at New England Health Center and you will find our facility to be spotless at all times. Our housekeeping staff comes daily to make sure the rooms are spic and span. A full laundry service is available for all residents. Those who wish can have a family member pick up laundry to be done at home.

What is the advantage of me recovering at a nursing facility rather than in the comfort of my own home?

If your doctor recommends that you go to a nursing home, or a skilled nursing facility (SNF), instead of going directly to your home, it’s because he believes you will benefit from the extra nursing care and therapy hours you will receive in a nursing facility. At home, you will get maybe 2-3 hours of therapy a week, whereas at an SNF, especially at a facility such as New England, you will receive up to 6 or 7 hours of rehabilitative therapy, up to 7 days a week. You will also have nurses and aides to make sure you are comfortable and will help you manage any pain. Your home may also have stairs and you may not have all the equipment we have here that will keep you safe, healthy, and recover faster.

Do you have a physician involved in all clinical care decisions?

First and foremost, we offer the very best in clinical care to keep our residents in the best of health. In addition, because of our high staff-to-patient ratio, each resident gets extra attention and no one is lost in the shuffle. Our Medical Director, Dr. Heather Wark comes in and works with residents and our interdisciplinary team on a regular basis.

What can I expect life to be like at New England Health Center?

You can expect the highest quality of clinical care, a good time and great friends. Join our indoor and outdoor gardening programs, our ice-cream outings and other trips. Enjoy the birthday parties we hold for our residents and their loved ones, as well as our full recreational program. What’s certain is that life at New England is vibrant and full, never dull or boring.

My friend went to a facility and said that no one checked on her and she was left alone in her room for hours. How can I know this won’t happen to me?

This kind of scenario is completely inconsistent with the values and conduct at New England Health Center. All staff in our facility are trained to respond to a call light as soon as they see it and they make regular rounds of the rooms to be sure everyone is comfortable. It is very important to us that all of our residents feel cared for and attended to at all times.

Do staff members at New England have their own family members staying here?

Yes, this is a regular occurrence for us. Many of our staff have had family members stay over at the facility where they know their loved ones will receive the best of care.

I’m the kind of daughter that gets super involved with my Mom’s care and will want to check up on the nurses and visit every day. How do family members take part in care planning at your facility?

At New England Health Center, we welcome involved family members to be part of the care plan and to give us valuable feedback about how we’re doing. Feel free to come and visit as often as you wish, although after you see the vibrant, professional environment here you may find yourself relaxing a bit, knowing that your mom is in good hands. We definitely strive to provide the best quality rehab and we’ve put lots of practices into place to achieve that goal. We’re sure that with your collaboration and our expertise, your mom will be yet another success story at New England Health Center.

Do you work on maintaining staff long-term and creating a positive work atmosphere?

At New England Health Center we’re proud to have, on staff, team members with upward of 20 years of happily working here, and all for the right reasons. Maintaining long-term staff creates a positive, stable atmosphere and gives residents true continuity of care and we feel blessed by all our staff members, who truly make a difference in countless lives each and every day. We’re proud to pioneer the unique employee appreciation program PROPS (People Respecting Other People) that shows our staff just how much we value their hard work.


We’d love to hear from you. Send us a message or call us at 413.665.2740.

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