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There are lots of activities and a very easy going staff.  I can do my poetry reading with staff on Wednesdays. The place is well run, and there are opportunities here that really make a difference.  There is a quality of understanding from the staff and it always feels like things are always getting better. I’m lucky that I didn’t go someplace else.


The food is good and the bed is comfortable. We have a lot of good times here! Staff are very good to us. We play bingo, which I love. The grounds are beautiful.


My mother, Betty F., has been a patient there for approximately fifteen months, so I’ve had plenty of time to observe the attitudes and professionalism of the staff.

Neither all things nor all people are perfect, and it is natural that we have had occasional frustrations.  But for us, overall, NEHC has been excellent.  We made the right choice when we put my mother in your care.  We do not regret the decision.   We wanted a place for her to live where she would be safe, her medical and physical needs would be well served, and she would be in the hands of compassionate, competent people.  NEHC has proven to be just such a place.

From the beginning, the caregivers who have looked after my mom have treated her with so much affection and respect.  I visit almost every day, and I find her in clean clothing, with clean linen, in a clean room.  Although she does have mood swings, she almost never has a criticism of the people who look after her; she loves them.  Her hair is always brushed, and often someone has helped her put on a pretty scarf or a necklace. Her infirmities make it impossible for her do many things for herself, and these attentions from the staff mean everything to her.

I believe her chronic health concerns have been very responsibly managed.  New or worsening issues have been promptly observed, diagnosed, and treated. As a daughter, I appreciate the timely updates from nurses on changes in medication and other matters.

I am familiar with NEHC’s past problems with the food service.  I am also familiar with the fact that correction, when it came, was decisive:  fresh fruit and fresh vegetables are nowadays regularly served. The food’s appearance and quality are much improved.  Further, in my mother’s case, some of her caregivers are kind enough to bring late tomatoes from their own gardens to add to her meals, because they know she loves their flavor.   I have seen these tomatoes on her plate even when it is otherwise laden with fresh green beans and other nutritious food.

The effort of all staff during and after the flood last winter was remarkable.  Leadership was excellent.  The entire staff pitched in to keep residents safe and calm during evacuation and to keep their lives as pleasant as possible at interim care facilities. Refurbishment was done quickly, and my mother’s return to her room after approximately two weeks was a joyous occasion for her.

I could not hope to find a more caring group of people to look after my mom in this phase of her life.  As they work to continuously upgrade services, the administration and nursing staff at NEHC have my appreciation.  I thank them for all that they do.


My experience with the Staff and the Director of Nursing as well as the Administrative Staff has been nothing but positive.

My mother has not been able to live independently for a while due to her illness and had been living at an Assistant Living Facility prior to her move to New England Health.  However due to the nature of her illness, the Assistant Living Facility was no longer the right place for her and it was recommended by her Doctor to move her to a Skilled Nursing Facility where she would have 24/7 care.  You see my mother is young for such an advanced care of dementia – just 73 years old and she is still very mobile, which means that she walks all the time and is not bed ridden.  Due to this particular issue, she was turned down for placement in at least two facilities locally before I found New England Health.  Her mobility was an issue with the other two facilities but not for NEH and Director Of Nursing Robin Martin,  who welcomed her into their family.

The physical care that my mother is receiving at New England Health is beyond my expectations.  It is a small facility – two wings – 20 rooms – 40 residents – that means that she receives a lot of individual care that doesn’t happened in larger facilities where a single floor is 40 people, not the whole facility. I visit once a week, sometimes twice – not always on the same day.  What I find when I visit is my Mother is clean, neat and happy.  She is engaged by the staff, not left alone in her room. She has had a shower, her hair has been washed and cut, her nails are clipped and she is in clean clothes and her room is cleaned and picked up.

The emotional care that my Mother receives is what really counts and that is something that makes NEH stand out.  My mother’s form of dementia has robbed her of her ability to speak fluently.  She understand everything you say and can communicate but is difficult to her to find the words.  What I have found is that my mother’s limited vocabulary is actually increasing because the staff  as whole including the Nurses, the CNAs, the Dining Staff, the Activities Director, the Director of Nursing, etc. take the time to speak with her – daily!  When she is walking up and down the hallways, she is interacting with the other residents and the staff.  These small moments of communications have improved her quality of life and have made her happy.  She feels loved there.  That is not something that you expect out of a “Nursing Home” in today’s world.  The staff as a whole and individually know my mother’s name and who she is.  This familiarity and connection with someone isn’t something you can fake!  It comes from the daily interactions that occur between the Staff and my Mother. This facility treats the residents there with respect.

We, as caregivers, are placing our family members in these facilities to be care for with a disease that is cruel and slowly robs them of their memories, their history, and their connection with the world.  NEH comforts and loves their residents and they do a service that many of us cannot.  They take care of loved ones until the end of their lives.


I have been living here for three years and every day of it has been wonderful.


I have been a practicing physician in skilled nursing and rehabilitation care since 1995. During this time I have amassed extensive experience across a broad range of nursing facilities in Western Massachusetts. My practice has focused exclusively on patients in skilled nursing and rehabilitation facilities since its inception. In November of 2014 I became the medical director of New England Health Center.

New England Health Center employs caring, compassionate, well-trained staff. NEHC is a happy, homelike nursing facility that serves its residents admirably. The nursing staff is dedicated to the care and well being of the residents of NEHC. I witness the nursing staff not only administering medications but giving hugs and words of encouragement, going out of their way to satisfy the residents’ wants and needs. The administration is deeply involved in the daily happenings of NEHC and strives for continual improvement in the care delivered. The team has worked diligently to improve quality of care, including reliably addressing residents’ end of life care needs, and preventing wounds, falls and infections. The kitchen staff works tirelessly to provide nutritious, well-balanced and appealing meals. These meals are delivered in a pleasant, homelike environment. The custodial staff takes great pride in maintaining the facility and its grounds. My medical group makes frequent visits to the facility to attend closely and expertly to any and all medical issues that arise and to routinely review the overall care of the residents.

Today’s health care delivery system is changing rapidly, becoming increasingly complex and distant from the needs of patients. In contrast, New England Health Center’s staff remains true to the ultimate goal of providing compassionate, humane care to residents, with a focus on dignity, quality and comfort. I believe New England Health Center exemplifies the excellent standard of care many skilled nursing and rehabilitation facilities strive to achieve.



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